Schleese Saddlery Service

Custom English Dressage & Jumping Saddles

Why a Schleese Saddle?

  1. Save Money!

  2. One non-adjustable saddle will not fit your horse as it develops, over the course of his life. If you get a new horse, chances are your current saddle will not fit. Statistics show that most riders go through “saddle fitting hell” (behavioural issues, sore back, unnecessary vet bills, finding a saddle that works for both you and your horse) about every three to five years, each time they need another saddle. A fully adjustable Schleese saddle which is the perfect fit for the rider can be re-fitted again and again to your horse, to accommodate changes in conformation for any reason. Or re-fit your Schleese to another horse! Schleese saddles, designed for adjustability will save you thousands of dollars, time and aggravation!
  3. Schleese Specializes in Saddle Design Benefits for the Female Rider!

    • Schleese patented “crotch comfort” design → incredible comfort and protection for the rider in the pelvic area
    • Correct position - shoulder-hip-heel alignment; saddle design to support the rider’s pain free back
    • Correct stirrup bar placement - no ‘’chair’’ seat
    • Narrow twist so your leg drops comfortably - no feeling ‘’pulled apart’’ or toes pointing out
    • Wider soft seat designed to provide support and comfort for the female pelvis
  4. Schleese’s Patented Design Benefits the Horse to support a pain free back

    • Channel clearance → protects, spine, nerves, ligaments → provides complete back freedom
    • Patented AdapTree® flexes with the lateral movement of the horse → improves connection and communication
    • Geometrically and independently adjustable tree is designed to be fitted for asymmetrical conformation → accommodates larger shoulder → maintains saddle straightness → adjusts to the biomechanics of the horse in motion → improves freedom of movement → designed to be re-fitted to the changing conformation of the developing horse
    • Rear facing tree points → ensure scapular clearance for freedom of movement at the shoulder
    • Shoulder relief panels (optional) → prevent scapular damage and free up shoulder movement
    • Unique Panel Design → maximum weight bearing surface on saddle support area → hind legs can pass through completely and back can come up when horse is engaged; available in half, ¾ and full panel

Why Schleese Saddlery Service?

  1. Schleese provides Personal Education to empower you to make an informed decision

    • During each saddle fit evaluation you will leave knowing more than when you came → understand your horse’s conformation, potential growth phases, and saddle fit requirements according to Saddlefit 4 Life ® principles
  2. Expert Saddle Fit Analysis with Solutions for horse and rider issues

    • Find the root cause of: white hairs, stress lines, sores in the wither area, hollow tense back, saddle rocking or bridging, stumbling or bucking, refusing jumps, pulling or rooting down of the head, dry spots, head tossing, refusing to go forward, behavioural issues, a 4 beat canter, not tracking-up, and long term difficulties in training.
    • Discover the reasons for: difficulty staying in position, discomfort in the saddle, lower back issues, saddle falling to one side, feeling behind or in front of the motion, falling or leaning to one side, feeling twisted in the saddle, stirrup leathers feeling uneven, or shoulder–hips-heels out of alignment.
    • Convenient on-site personal saddle fit sessions to maintain ongoing optimal saddle fit ultimately helping you and your horse get to the next level.
  3. Worldwide Expert in Dynamic Fit (Fitting Horse and Rider in Motion)

    • The shape and size of the tree is adjusted to accommodate the moving horse for maximum freedom
    • Schleese offers saddle fit solutions for hard to fit horses
  4. Our Track Record is Second to None!

    • We evaluate over 6000 horses in North America and Europe every year.
    • Schleese Certified Saddle Fit Technicians/ Certified Equine Ergonomists have the highest training in the industry with over 1400 hours of theory and practice. All Schleese saddle fitters are riders and understand the issues you are facing
    • Over 90% of our clients come through referrals - horses and riders love us!
  5. Jochen Schleese is founder of the Saddlefit 4 Life® Network for the prevention of long term damage

    • We are dedicated to preventing long term back damage for horse and rider
    • We enjoy the endorsement of veterinarians, trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors and riders of every level around the world
  6. We teach Saddlefit 4 Life® at the German National Riding School, ARIA, and in USDF Programs

    • German Bereiters and Reitlehrers study Saddlefit 4 Life® theory and fitting as part of their certification program
    • Schleese partners with the United States Dressage Federation to provide saddle fit education
  7. Schleese wins more industry awards than any other saddle manufacturer worldwide!

    • Profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Discovery Channel, named “Best of the Best” English Manufacturer of the Year 2008 by Tack’n’Togs, Official Saddler World Cup Finals – 2005, 2007, 2009, Dressage at Devon 2008 and World Dressage Championships 1986

Save Money Riding in A Schleese Saddle !

  1. Save Money!

  2. A fully adjustable Schleese saddle can be re-fitted to your horse over the course of its life! Schleese saddles are designed to be re-fitted again and again as your horse changes conformation, for any reason, or re-fitted to another horse! A Schleese saddle will save you thousands of dollars and aggravation! Look at the savings!
  3. The average price of a non-adjustable saddle that can be re-flocked = $2,500

    • Over 20 years of riding, statistics show, you will likely buy a minimum of 5 saddles. The cost of 5 saddles @ $2,500 = $12,500
    • Maintenance/’fitting’ once a year (averaging $250) for 20 years = $5,000
    • 20 year projected cost = $17,500
  4. One Schleese Saddle, fully adjustable, can be re-fitted over and over to accommodate changes in the developing horse OR re-fitted to a new horse

    • Schleese saddle (average price) $5,000
    • Re-fit/complete adjustments once a year for 20 years @ $340 = $6,800
    • 20 year projected cost = $11,800
  5. Riding in a Schleese SAVES you a projected cost of $5,700 over 20 years!

  6. If the savings are invested (at 5% for 20 years) you reap a total savings of $15,123 !!

    (using a net present value calculation we can calculate the amount you will receive if you had invested the savings over 20 years of riding!)

It Pays to Ride in a Schleese Saddle !